meow meow choco chow!!! #finalfantasy #sdcc (at San Diego Convention Center)

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boo #sdcc (at San Diego Convention Center)

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ok you win internet. 6 selfies challenge 2k14. tagged by nitefuries

i’m tagging neilfi, robotteaparty, benjencoldhands, soldierbucky, & benjens

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mass effect 3 missions: prologue: earth

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Each of the Houses represents one of the four classical elements: fire, earth, air and water.

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comic-con is tomorrow so i won’t be around here for quite some time! my instagram will be posting automatically here and on twitter but that’s about it. i don’t do big panels anymore seeing as how it’s my tenth year and i’m long over it, so don’t expect me to be livetweeting those things if you follow me on twitter lol.

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Badge, swag bag, souvenir book: CHECK ✔️#sdcc (at Town & Country Resort Hotel)

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Kara and Jason in Batman/Superman Annual 01

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